“It’s a dog’s world & we have the wardrobe to flaunt it.”

What's Flury

When looking good is important to us. Why shouldn’t it be the same for our pets?.They are an important member of the family after all. Not to mention, the cutest! So why not spend a little more time on grooming them in interesting, fashionable and of course comfortable ways!

Flury was started with this simple insight. To make pet fashion, actually fashionable! Without compromising on comfort, flexibility and durability.

Story Time!
Very simply put, our journey began with a walk in the park. Yes, we are taking a leisurely stroll in a lovely park buzzing with adorable furry friends frolicking about when inspiration hit! We looked at all those little paws trotting about, each with such striking, amazing
personalities that got us wondering - what if we could bring out each of their personalities through fashion? Just as we do with ourselves!

You see that golden retriever chasing butterflies? How adorable she would look in a paisley printed coat that embraced her free spirit! Or the pomeranian wandering off into the bushes? How about a floral raincoat that showcased his spirit of adventure!

Well, that’s just what we do at Flury. We give your pet pal the freedom to express their quirks through prints that do their personalities justice!

Gone are the days of dull, drab plain coloured pet clothing. It’s time for a revolution in furry fashion. And Flury is here to start it.

Meet our Founder

“I began experimenting with my own clothes to create coats for my friends’ pups!”

Meet Megha V Iyer, a pet lover, fashion enthusiast and artist who hails from Rajasthan- where her love story with textiles, prints and culturally rich clothing began! From tie-dye techniques to ikat, block printing patterns, buta and more, Megha raided her own cupboard to experiment with gorgeous fabrics and create stunning fashion accessories for her friends’ pet pals. When she began receiving praise for her work, she knew she had an idea that would change the way the world looked at pet clothing!

Our Co-founder Mridul Iyer

“I wanted to create something that does justice to the bond between you and your dog.”Mridul Iyer is a final year student at BITS Pilani doing his Electrical Engineering. Despite being a student, he has invested his time in Flury and juggles between classes and brainstorming sessions to grow the brand. Surrounded by pet parents throughout his life, Mridul observed the relationship between his friends and their dogs and believed in the need for a product that would beautifully bring out the emotion behind that bond. At Flury, he hopes to make the idea of playing dress up with your pup much, much more exciting!